Monday, August 11, 2008

Two airlifted, one taken by ambulance after rollover

Two airlifted, one taken by ambulance after rollover (with PHOTOS, VIDEOS)

Daily News

Jason Guinn said it was very quick.

The tire on the trailer blew, the truck jacknifed and flipped once and the green pickup landed on its roof near Gulf Islands National Seashore on Okaloosa Island.

Two men riding in the truck bed were thrown as the vehicle went airborne. The driver's face hit the windshield.

Guinn said when the screaching metal quieted and the accident was over, he was upside down in the passenger's seat.

"I'm very blessed," Guinn said, only a few minutes after his three co-workers were taken to area hospitals. "It's like God laid down a pillow."

Click here to see more photos of the accident.

Guinn said he thought the other men would be OK, too. The pair in the rear of the vehicle were airlifted to Sacred Heart Hospital in Pensacola and the driver was carried by ambulance to Fort Walton Beach Medical Center.

Guinn stood by a state trooper's car and watched as a wrecker service righted the overturned truck. The windshield was busted and a tire on the back driver's side had come completely off.

The four men were carrying cement blocks and heading to Destin to build a seawall, Guinn said. He and the others were from Harvest Vineyard Ministries in Crestview.

The Florida Highway Patrol is investigating the crash.

"When I saw that truck flip, I thought my God, those boys are gone," said Phillip Rose from Fort Walton Beach.

Rose was heading westbound, opposite the truck when it flipped

"The trailer had so much weight on it, it didn't flip," Rose said. "Those guys were very lucky to be alive."

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