Monday, October 13, 2008

Boat Crashes Into House

Posted: 4:23 PM Oct 12, 2008
Last Updated: 7:29 PM Oct 12, 2008
Reporter: Susan Nicholas/Chris Atkins
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Proctroville, Ohio (WSAZ)-A telephone call may have saved a man's life Sunday afternoon. He was sitting in his bedroom but got up to answer his phone. A few seconds later a large boat crashed into the room where he had just been sitting.

Police say the crash was an accident. A neighbor was hooking his boat up to a trailer when it slipped down the hill and slammed into a house.

The accident happened Sunday afternoon. Police tell us they may need to bring a crane in to remove the boat.

This accident happened in a neighborhood in Bradrick. That is near Proctorville in Lawrence County, Ohio.

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